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I am currently available for face to face counselling sessions in Bristol on Saturdays 10am-1pm, or 9am-7pm on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for online and telephone sessions. 

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Face to face, online or telephone. Online sessions take place over Zoom. 

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Young People

Face to face or online video sessions for young people.


Children (aged 7+)

Face to face or online video sessions for children. .


Pay as you go counselling sessions:

Client initial Assessment - Free 

This allows both the client and therapist a chance to get to know each other and discuss what you would like out of therapy, what issues you would like to work on and establish what approach might work best for you.

Online and Telephone sessions - £50

These sessions enable you to receive counselling in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Face to face sessions - £60

These sessions are for anyone wishing to receive counselling in person. These take place at the newly refurbished Redland Practice, a short walk from Redland Station in Bristol. My therapy room is situated on the ground floor and so is wheelchair accessible. There is a toilet up one flight of stairs, unfortunately this is not wheelchair accessible. Free tea and coffee is available. 

Written session (asynchronous) - £35

(self-assessment required, this is sent to you via email or text)

For some, written words can be more powerful than trying to talk to someone verbally, and so I also offer written sessions. This asynchronous service is for those who wish to communicate in their own time by written word, either through text or email, and would not like the constraints having a scheduled counselling session. You simply email or text me whatever you would like to express in whatever writing style you find most suitable, and I will reply to you with insightful and empathetic responses to assist you in your journey to develop insight. Please note, as these sessions are asynchronous, it may take me up to 3 working days to reply to you. We will continue to communicate in this way unless you wish to change this, in which case just let me know and we can adapt the sessions as necessary. 

Written session (synchronous) - £35

(self-assessment required, this is sent to you via email or text)

This service is for those wishing to communicate via written text but would prefer to keep to a scheduled weekly session time. These sessions would take place at the same time each week just like normal counselling sessions, except we would do this via text either via email or text message as you prefer.  Since these sessions are synchronous (in real time), I would only reply during the scheduled session times. If this becomes unsuitable at any point just let me know and we can adapt as necessary! 

Therapy "to go" - £25

30 minute session - this service is for individuals who struggle to set aside a whole hour for a counselling session, either due to busy schedule commitments or disability. Please note that although these sessions can be useful, they do not hold the same depth as a full hour session. 

Therapy Packages:

Face to face package - 3 sessions for £150

Instead of paying £60 per session, why not pay up front for 3 sessions in bulk and save £10 per session! 

Online and Telephone package - 3 sessions for £120

Instead of paying £50 per session, why not pay up front for 3 sessions in bulk and save £10 per session! 

Please note: This fee is payable up front in full for all therapy packages. There is no obligation to commit to the full amount of sessions, however, refunds will not be given for unattended sessions.


What are the sessions like?

During our initial telephone assessment, I'll explain a little bit about the service and answer any questions you may have. If you feel that I'm the right counsellor for you, I will then invite you for a first session, where we will establish your therapeutic goals, any risks and other issues you might like me to be aware of so that I can best support your needs, in addition to going through our contract together to check that you're happy with everything and the way I work. After the assessment, your sessions will be once a week for an agreed period of time. This will usually be 6 or 12 sessions, but we can adapt this at any time to suit your needs.  

Due to the fast paced nature of my counselling style, you may find that you are progressing a lot faster than anticipated and so it is common for clients to get to a stage where they no longer need counselling every week. If this happens, we can adapt as necessary, perhaps by progressing to having sessions bi-weekly or less until you feel you are ready to leave therapy and continue the changes you have made on your own. 

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