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Sea Shore

About Me

I know it can feel a bit strange to share your deepest thoughts and experiences with a complete stranger, so here's a little bit about myself, to help you in your quest to choose a counsellor that feels right for you. 

I'm a qualified pluralistic counsellor based in Bristol, U.K. I offer a safe, non judgemental space for you to air your thoughts and work through any struggles you may be facing together, at your own pace. Areas I have the most experience with include anxiety, PTSD and trauma, bereavement, anger management, family and relationship issues, infidelity and intimacy issues, disability and chronic illness. 

I am passionate about brief therapy. What this means is that I believe people shouldn't have to spend months or even years, and thousands of pounds on therapy, in order to get long lasting results. I believe that we can achieve the same results in just a few, short but effective sessions together, where we can design personalised techniques and strategies that work for you long after our therapy ends. 

I fell in love with this approach after receiving therapy as a client myself. At the time, I was struggling with a range of complex issues, some of which I'd been struggling with for over 15 years. To my amazement, the therapist not only managed to help me fix the majority of my issues in just 5 weekly sessions, but now, several years later, these results are still showing no signs of fading. So I know that this approach can work well for some people. 

As a pluralistic counsellor, I work within a type of therapy modality that emphasises working collaboratively with clients to design a therapy that is tailored to them, drawing from various therapeutic approaches I have experience and training in, the most up to date research literature and the client's own life experience. The basic philosophy behind the pluralistic approach is that different people require different things at different times in order to get better. Whether you'd like to explore the past in depth in order to reach new insight, or would prefer to learn different strategies to help you deal with your life in the present, we can work together to help you through your difficulties in a way that works best for you. 

Although I tend to work in quite a fast-paced way, some issues require more time to heal and so I am open to working with you longer if this seems helpful, however, since my clients generally experience such fast results, I rarely need to see clients for longer than 6 sessions.

My Qualifications

July 2023

Undergraduate Degree

BA (Hons) Counselling and Therapeutic Practice.
University of South Wales

December 2022

Level 7 Management and Leadership.

One Education

November 2022

Level 5 Certificate

Designated Safeguarding Lead.

One Education

July 2022

Level 5 Award

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
One Education

July 2016

Level 3 Access to Nursing and Healthcare Professions Diploma.

Guildford College

I've recently achieved a 1st class BA (Hons) degree in Counselling, during which I completed over 450 hours of training and 100 hours of client work on supervised placements with adults, children and young people. 

I also completed a management and leadership course where I developed some useful skills for business side of things, so that I can run my counselling practice more smoothly to benefit my clients. 

I also underwent extensive safeguarding training, where I enhanced my knowledge to help further maximise safety when working with vulnerable adults, children and young people. 

I also have a level 5 certificate in CBT, which has helped me develop various strategies to treat different issues you might be experiencing, such as anxiety, depression, panic, OCD, phobias and working with autism. 

I also achieved a Level 3 Access course which covered the basics of nursing, including biology, chemistry, nutrition, sociology and ethics. 

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